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The First International Shanghai Guitar Week: a short Summary

Gilbert Imperial

I listened to Gilberto Imperial in the small Shanghai Concert Hall and not in the Chartres Dimanche Salon. The small Shanghai Concert Hall is a beautiful hall – like a foyer with a very high roof. But the acoustic for classical guitarmusic is not so ideal as in the Chartres Dimanche Salon. It is okay with amplifier, but even with amplifier it is difficult to hear everything if you are sitting in the back. Another thing is, that all the concerts in the small Shanghai Concert Hall has to be shorten, because they are not allowed to be longer than one hour. So Gilberto Imperial had to cancel a lot of pieces – like all of us. We (Fan Ye, Lin Huan Qi, Li Zhi Qian and me) played one day later on August 15th and it was much more funny to play in the evening in the Chartres Dimanche Salon the whole program.
Lin Huanqi, , Li Zhiqian, Julia Scheuffele, Fan Ye

The last day (16th of August) was finished with a solo concert of Lin Huan Qi. Lin Huan Qi played some real old pieces like Prelude and Allemande from S.L. Weiss and mixed it up with some jazzy children songs of Vinitsky and – the best of all – his own composition “Calling”. A very interesting concert, too!
Lin Huanqi

I have enjoyed every concert and think, it was a very successful and happy week for the classical guitar in Shanghai! I hope so much that we will find more sponsors for the second Shanghai International Guitar Week (SIGW) next year! This year the help came from the Swiss Consulate and from the owner of the Chartres Dimanche Salon.

Lin Huanqi, Li Zhiqian, Julia Scheuffele, Fan Ye

Yang Hao, Michael Kern, Gui Yixin and Fan Ye

“The Romeros” in Shanghai

On Friday evening I made me up the long way in windy and rainy weather to the Shanghai Music Hall to listen to the concert of Pepe Romero and his family. The Concert Hall was completely selled out – already three weeks ago! – and so I was really happy that a friend gives me a very expensive ticket. But I couldn`t find my seat – because my seat was already seated by other people. So I just sat down on a free place and listened to the performance. The first piece (Ruperto Chapi y Lorento: Preludio from La Revoltosa) was still a little bit stiff and the guitars were out of tune, but after Celino played the Suite Espanola from Sanz the Romeros becomes more and more lifeful and at the end of the concert as the Romero family played the more popular Spanish songs, the audience were really happy and excited. It is a fact, that most of the people – not only in China – love the simple, more popular music more, than the artistic, high level music. But I am happy that the Romeros not only played these popular pieces, but a lot of other very interesting music from different composers, like: Sanz, Tonadilla, Luigi Boccherini, Torroba, Heitor Villa Lobos, and more.