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The First International Shanghai Guitar Week: a short Summary

Gilbert Imperial

I listened to Gilberto Imperial in the small Shanghai Concert Hall and not in the Chartres Dimanche Salon. The small Shanghai Concert Hall is a beautiful hall – like a foyer with a very high roof. But the acoustic for classical guitarmusic is not so ideal as in the Chartres Dimanche Salon. It is okay with amplifier, but even with amplifier it is difficult to hear everything if you are sitting in the back. Another thing is, that all the concerts in the small Shanghai Concert Hall has to be shorten, because they are not allowed to be longer than one hour. So Gilberto Imperial had to cancel a lot of pieces – like all of us. We (Fan Ye, Lin Huan Qi, Li Zhi Qian and me) played one day later on August 15th and it was much more funny to play in the evening in the Chartres Dimanche Salon the whole program.
Lin Huanqi, , Li Zhiqian, Julia Scheuffele, Fan Ye

The last day (16th of August) was finished with a solo concert of Lin Huan Qi. Lin Huan Qi played some real old pieces like Prelude and Allemande from S.L. Weiss and mixed it up with some jazzy children songs of Vinitsky and – the best of all – his own composition “Calling”. A very interesting concert, too!
Lin Huanqi

I have enjoyed every concert and think, it was a very successful and happy week for the classical guitar in Shanghai! I hope so much that we will find more sponsors for the second Shanghai International Guitar Week (SIGW) next year! This year the help came from the Swiss Consulate and from the owner of the Chartres Dimanche Salon.

Lin Huanqi, Li Zhiqian, Julia Scheuffele, Fan Ye

Yang Hao, Michael Kern, Gui Yixin and Fan Ye

My new Altamira Guitar

Recently I bought a Altamira Flamenco Guitar, Modell N700f. Also this guitar is not so very expensive, I am feeling very comfortable to play it – and not only for Flamenco Style!

Altamira is a Chinese brand, but now available in other countries, too.

Here a video where I use my new Altamira guitar to perform a piece from Baden Powell: Canto do Xango:

and here on Tudou:



Instead of Spanish: Music for an American kitchen: Dole Dyke`s Guitar 2000

This piece of Dole Dyke is a typical Fingerstyle guitar piece. You can play it on a western guitar or on an acoustic guitar.

There are at least three very important countries for the guitar music: Spain, Latin America and America.

I personally prefer the Latin American Music, but that doesn`t mean that I never want to play Fingerstyle or Blues. Every Style has his special beauty!

And here as a Tudou Video for those who have no access to Youtube:

Playing Guitar in La Finca or the importance of making good backround music

From tomorrow Monday the 10th of Oktober till Saturday the 15th of Oktober every evening from 18.30 to 20.30 o`clock our guitarist Julia Scheuffele will play Spanish and Latinamerikan music for classical guitar in the Spanish restaurant la Finca in Shanghai, Xin Tian Di.

She will make the backround music for people who wants to eat in a high level enviroment. Good food needs good music, because the people who are coming to this place, mostly have a cultural backround and want to hear high level music during their dinner time.

I asked Julia why she agreed to play in a restaurant and she told me her philosophy:
It is very important which kind of music you have in your backround. Even if you eating and talking beside, the music will influence your mind and your feeling. Julia believes that her music can people make more peaceful and happy. So she decide to work as a backround musician.

The 11th Etudes of H.V.Lobos

more than videos i like to make sound files. The main reason is, that i think music is something to listen not to watch and the second reason is the fact that youtube is not available in China and all the other hosts offer very bad sound qualitiy.

As i still have a little space on my server i load up the Etudes number 11 from Villa Lobos. This piece is also one of my students pieces in Shanghai, who always wants me to perform their pieces. Sometimes that shows more than explanations.

Listen to my mp3`s is free, because of my philosophy: what you can give to the community, you should give. The internet is a big chance for more equal rights in learning and education. It is neccessary and good for everybody, if there is such a place with free information.

Heitor Villa Lobos: Etude Nr 11

Most Important Of All: Phantasy!

Practicing with my students sometimes lets me be a little disapointed. What often happens: the younger children are learning with high motivation and big progress, but some years later if they starting with puberty, they lose their love to classical guitar and most pitty: they lose their phantasy.

May be it`s because they become too busy with school and with meeting their friends, may be it`s because they prefere to listen to the popular music of their classmates: they start to practice less and less. Only a few people are going on practicing with motivation and regularity.

The Chinese students are not better than the German and American students, but they are not as free educated and have to listen to their parents decision. So they have to continue and participate the annual examinations and sometimes participate competitions, but it is really difficult to help them, if there is not so much love for the music they have to play. They would like to play some pop songs, some finger picking style pieces, but because of their examinations they have to practice a lot of requested pieces and no time to play the music they really want to play.

To these students I would like to say: it doesn`t matter which kind of music, which piece you have to play! It only deepends on your own phantasy and imagination that every piece of music can sound very beautiful!

For example the little music from the third level of the annual guitar examination:

What a nice story! It remembers me on a Mazurka of Chopin, but it is a Mazurka of the famous guitarist J.Sagreras. This piece is often played too fast. It is very necessary to play not too fast but with expression! To get a feeling for that music you can listen to the piano Mazurkas of Frederic Chopin. Buy a CD from Horowitz oder Ashkenazy or another good pianist and listen to their interpretations of Chopin. Then you know a little more how to play your beautiful small piece from Sagreras..and you can also feel a little how to play Tarrega pieces.

Use your own phantasy and try to make your own interpretation. There are many possibilities to play that piece! Think about a story that music can tell and use that music to tell a story.

I put here one interpretation of Maria Luise. Make another one!

I am so sorry for the bad sound that tudou provides! It sounds much better on youtube!

Roland Dyens: Saudade Nr.3

Julia Scheuffele just recorded a new video with the Saudade Nr.3 of Roland Dyens. This piece is very wellknown in Europe.

Because the sound of the chinese Youku and Tudou is not as good as the sound of the youtube videos, I suggest you to listen to the Youtube Video, if you can.

Stanley Myers: Cavatina – Deer Hunter

This beautiful piece is wellknown for electric guitars with the Shadows. In fact it is a melody accompained with chords, so good to play with two instruments.

But it is also possible to play it with only one guitar as Julia did in this performance.

There was some noise in the background – the video is made in a public club – so Julia recorded the music again and put it over the original video sound.

And i added some fotos from the last holidays in Tianmu Hu.

Hope you can enjoy it!