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The First International Shanghai Guitar Week: a short Summary

Gilbert Imperial

I listened to Gilberto Imperial in the small Shanghai Concert Hall and not in the Chartres Dimanche Salon. The small Shanghai Concert Hall is a beautiful hall – like a foyer with a very high roof. But the acoustic for classical guitarmusic is not so ideal as in the Chartres Dimanche Salon. It is okay with amplifier, but even with amplifier it is difficult to hear everything if you are sitting in the back. Another thing is, that all the concerts in the small Shanghai Concert Hall has to be shorten, because they are not allowed to be longer than one hour. So Gilberto Imperial had to cancel a lot of pieces – like all of us. We (Fan Ye, Lin Huan Qi, Li Zhi Qian and me) played one day later on August 15th and it was much more funny to play in the evening in the Chartres Dimanche Salon the whole program.
Lin Huanqi, , Li Zhiqian, Julia Scheuffele, Fan Ye

The last day (16th of August) was finished with a solo concert of Lin Huan Qi. Lin Huan Qi played some real old pieces like Prelude and Allemande from S.L. Weiss and mixed it up with some jazzy children songs of Vinitsky and – the best of all – his own composition “Calling”. A very interesting concert, too!
Lin Huanqi

I have enjoyed every concert and think, it was a very successful and happy week for the classical guitar in Shanghai! I hope so much that we will find more sponsors for the second Shanghai International Guitar Week (SIGW) next year! This year the help came from the Swiss Consulate and from the owner of the Chartres Dimanche Salon.

Lin Huanqi, Li Zhiqian, Julia Scheuffele, Fan Ye

Yang Hao, Michael Kern, Gui Yixin and Fan Ye


the Guitar Salon got a new poster at the entrance. Here a picture with the guitar teachers: Chen Bing, He Shun Hua and Julia

because of the summer holidays there will be a short break about two or three weeks before there are new activities in the Guitar Salon. See you then!

Chen Hua Liang played Tarrega

This Wednesday evening there was a concert again in the new Guitar Salon. Chen Hua Liang played most of all pieces Tarrega originally composed for guitar. He started with the Preludium Lagrima followed by several other particularly delicate and precious pieces like:  Adelita, Pavana, Maria, Marietta, Mazurka en Sol and Polka. Then Chen Hua Liang continued with the both Vals, the Grand Jota and played also the both Algerian pieces Cappricho Arabe and Danza Mora. One of the last Tarrega pieces at this evening was Recuerdos del Alhambra.

Misses Chen – a woman who has the same name as the guitarist, but is not related to him – led us through the evening and told us a lot of interesting things about Tarrega and the music of Tarrega. That was a great idea and I think everyone was happy about this good explanations.

And Tarrega? If Tarrega would still alive and with us in the Guitar Salon, I think he would be very happy. Tarrega loved the small and familiar concerts much more than the big concert halls – like me! His music got so much respect and love from the guitarist Chen Hua Liang and probably from everybody who participated this fantastic evening. I think Tarrega would have enjoyed this concert!