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Hongkong Airline Destroyed Guitar!


As the Cuba guitarist Rene Izquierdo finished his concerts and workshops in Hongkong and want to go on to Taiwan, the Hongkong Airlines didn`t allow him to take his priceless Santiago Marine guitar into the cabin. They forced him to check in this expensive instrument with the argument “otherwise you have to buy a second seat”, what is outrageous.

Finally he needed to check in the guitar with the luggage. But he has a special flight case for his instrument , so if the Hongkong Airline would take care, it shouldn`t happen anything. But the untrained personal of the Hongkong Airlines managed to destroy the flight case with the guitar inside! It looks like evil intend!

Now this Hongkong Airline only want to pay 30 Dollar as a compensation like they always doing for normal luggage.

So please my dear friends! If you play guitar, don`t use the Hongkong Airlines!!! Other Airlines normally allows you to take your guitar into the cabin. Choose only airlines who allows you to take the guitar with you into the cabin.

And please sign this petition for us guitarists. I have already signed and I hope it will have some good result. :

Airlines: Please stop treating instruments like luggage. If you make us check in the instruments, make sure that is handle properly.

Hongkong International Guitarfestival with Competition


Next weekend (from the 20th till the 22th of September) the Hongkong Guitar Festival 2013 will take place. There are six concerts with international artists from Brazil,Spain,Slovakia, Italy, Thailand,Shanghai and Hong Kong. And there are five workshops and masterclasses and a competition in two categories.

for more information, please go to:!lessons/c1t44

important events

as a friend told me, there are two important guitar events this autumn in China. The first is a concert in Shanghai in the concert hall of the music conservatory with Zoran Dukic on September the 25th:

China 2009

J.S. Bach Ciaccona BWV 1004

M. Castelnuovo-Tedesco 4 caprichos from “Caprichos de Goya”

M. Llobet 4 catalan folk songs


Malcolm Arnold Fantasia
(1921) -prelude

V. Sojo Five venezuelan songs

A. Piazzolla Adios Noniño
(1921-1992) Otono Porteño

Dusan Bogdanovic Six Balkan Miniatures
(1955) -Morning Dance
-Macedonian Dance
-Wide Song
-Tiny-knit Dance

For more information in chinese language please go to

The second very attractive event is in Oktober in Hongkong. Alvaro Pierri will come to the “Joy of music” festival from october the 12th till 18th giving a concert and some masterclasses. For more information in english and chinese please go to :