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Guitar Shanghai at the Conservatory of Music


Last weekend there was a Guitar Festival at the Conservatory of Music in Shanghai with Leonardo Bravo, Oliver Fartach-Naini, Lee Song-ou, Shingo Fujii, Shunsuke Matsuo, Achim-Peter Gropius and some others. There were not only a lot of concerts, but also a competition and some masterclasses, too.

And I feel honored that the organisator Prof. Ye Deng Min used the name of my association and blog for this festival. So Guitar Shanghai becomes more and more wellknown in Shanghai and China!

After the festival I ve met with Achim Gropius the German guitar maker. He repaired my Gnatek guitar some years ago and I like his guitars. We made some sightseeing together and I showed him the old part of Shanghai with the Yuan Garden. We finished our tour at the Grand Hyatt highrise in Pudong, in the Cafe at the 54th floor.

Recently there are so many guitar festivals and competitions in China and Asia! The next three festivals I know are in Changsha (Hunan Provinz China) from 19th till 22th of July and the Tarrega Malaysia International Guitar Competition from 7th till 10th of August. And then there will be the big Altamira Guitar Festival and competition in Shanghai from 22th till 26th of August. The concert of Eliot Fisk on 23th of August is already selled out….yep…


Today! Guitar Concert in Heluting Concert Hall of the Shanghai Conservatory

Today, March 29th, at seven o`clock PM, some teachers of the Guitar Salon plus some other friends are giving a concert. The organizer is the Club of Shanghai Guitar Lovers, who sponsored this concert.

Unfortunately I am in Germany. Nevertheless please come and listen to them! So you can know some important Shanghai Guitarists and you can get an impression of the Shanghai guitar scene.

Hope you will enjoy the concert!

He Shun Hua and Julia Scheuffele live in the Guitar Salon

after a short time of opening, the guitar salon in the Xiangyang Road already started to become wellknown in the Shanghai guitar scene. The activities and jam sessions becomes more and more. At June the 20th the founder of the guitar salon He Shun Hua, who is one of the best guitar players in Shanghai and his German friend Julia the guitarist of Guitarshanghai made a performance in the Salon. The audience was exquisit, most of them were guitar players, too. It was a nice evening with a very interesting programm:

The first piece was a jiddish song named Tumbalalaika followed by some guitar duetts from Hans Bruederli. Then He Shun Hua welcomed the guests with a very special piece “the last Cafe” and then Julia made a Solo performance which included pieces from J.S.Bach, Roland Dyens, Dole Dyke and Giuseppe Torrisi. The last piece of the evening was a guitar duett again: the “Toccata for a wild old woman” from the German composer Peter Horton. The audience thanked with friendly applause and then after a short break the jam session started. Everybody of the audience who wants to play was allowed to play and this was a very nice idea which should be repeated as often as possible!

Here you can see the last piece of the concert:

and here on Tudou:

Students Concert at Celebrity City


This sunday June 16th some of my students met together at the Clubhouse in Celebrity City to make a performance for their parents and friends.
Although it was torrential raining my students came with their guitars and played their up to date pieces with energy before they will leave for the summer holidays. With them where their families and friends who made some cake and nice food and listened with pleasure to the sound of the guitars.

As the holidays have already begun, some of my students were not in Shanghai and could not participate.
The next students concert I plan to do on November the 18th hoping that everyone is in Shanghai there and can.

Xiang Yang Road 173

if you are walking through the Xiangyang Road near the Music Academy of Shanghai, you will find the number 173 as a restored old house from the French consession. Toward the street there are two shops selling clothes and between them there is a barely visible small path through the buildings which leads you inside a small yard. Here you can find the entrance of the new guitar studio from He Shun Hua. He Shun Hua is one of Shanghai`s best guitar players and also working as a guitar teacher. He also sells guitars and some weeks ago we start to work together as a guitar duett.

Here in his Studio at Xiang Yang Road 173 He Shun Hua will organize a lot of activities for guitar lovers like rehearsals, talk shows and different small concerts. The first of these activities took place last tuesday June 12th, where Chen Bing another famous Shanghai guitar player made a performance for invited people.

Chen Bing learned the classical guitar with the legendary Ma Zhe Min who is one the four teachers in Shanghai who developed the classical guitar at a time other people even didn`t know that instrument. After learning with Ma Zhe Min, Chen Bing became the first student for classical guitar at the Shanghai Music Academy where he studied several years with Ye De Min. Now he is working as a musician and teacher in Shanghai. I was one of the lucky people who listened his performance on June 12th. He played several pieces of Tarrega. One of them was the Carneval of Venice.

here you see Chenbing in the studio at Xiangyang Road

Hansel Gonzalez

may be it is already the first reaction of the new outfit of guitarshanghai, I received an email from Hansel Gonzalez, who I don`t know, with the following sentence:

guitarist, producer,asian tour now at beijing,to check more about click the link below          
Even if I personally prefer the wood guitar, I think I will do a favour to this guy and make his event more public here. Finally we are colleagues…..but next time I need a better language and correct grammar sentences….:)