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The Final Concert of the First Music Season in Chartres Dimanches

The first guitar season in Chartres Dimanches was finished on the Valentine`s Day with a concert of Fan Ye (guitar) and Gao Xian (acordeon) and a program with Latin American Music. Originally only planned for one evening the tickets where immediately sold out, so that there was a second concert on the next day, which was sold out, too. It was a big success.


Fan Ye and Gao Xian first played some pieces of Piazolla like Primavera Porteno, Invero Porteno and Bodell Cafe. After a short break they continued with some other popular pieces of South America like the Milonga of Cardoso.

If you only come to listen to that beautiful music, you can not imagine how difficult and complicated it is to organize some events like this in Shanghai. Shanghai is extremly though. There are so many groups with different interests who seems to be afraid of each other and the fear of competitors is here much higher than for example in Germany. Sometimes it seems that nobody trusts nobody. There are the big houses with the big organizations who want to earn money with “making art”. They normally only play already wellknown music without taking any risk.

I think it is very important to install an “alternative art” in Shanghai, which has more than only the goal to earn a lot of money and making something for “meeting prestige”. And for these people who loves the small and intimate concerts with the character of avantgarde, the Music Seasons organized by Fan Ye in Chartres Dimanches are a very good start in the right direction.

An American Guest in the Guitar Salon

Shanghai is also culturally more and more developing and so the international musicians who want to settle down in Shanghai becomes more and more, too.

One of them is Luke Trimble, who has been living in Hawaii before and who is now living in Shanghai till July 2013. He currently teaches the guitar at the British School in Puxi.

At November the 7th he made a solo recital for invited guests at the Guitar Salon. Here his interesting program:

LEO BROUWER 8 Etudes from 20 Etudes Simples
(B. 1939)
HEITOR VILLA-LOBOS No Choro. 1, Tipico Brasiliero
(B. 1951) I. Moderato e molto sostenuto
Adagio e cantabile
III. Allegro vivace
Johann Sebastian Bach from Partita for Solo Violin No.. 1 in B minor, BWV 1002
(1685-1750) I. Allemanda
transcribed by LUKE II TRIMBLE Corrente
III. Saraband
IV Bourree
HAROLD ARLEN Over the Rainbow
arranged by Toru Takemitsu
LOU HARRISON Serenade for Guitar
(1917-2003) I. Avalokiteshvara
II Music for Bill and Me
III. Jahla
IV Beverly’s Troubadour Piece
Augustin Barrios Mangoré Julia Florida

Most exciting for me were the relatively unknown pieces of the American composer Lou Harrison and Bryan Johanson. Lou Harrison`s piece which is composed for guitar with percussion is also played by the famous guitarist David Tannenbaum. Luke played this piece without the percussions, but that didn`t destroy its beautiness. For probably most of the audience this piece was the highlight of the evening.

Luke, who is not afraid to use the notes during his performance, told me that the Americans like to make more informell and relaxed concerts. In America it is not usual to watch a well-dressed guitarist, who is silent and lonely fighting with his program. Much more welcomed are an easy going guitarist, who is relaxed and connects with the music and the audience – and is reading part of the program from the score.

I still believe that it is ideal to remember your pieces by heart. That is, because you should use your right brain during a performance, what is mostly impossible if you are reading the partiture. But I agree with Luke, that it is much better to look in the partiture during a concert as to play with stress and anxiety.

And Luke played relaxed and connected with the music and the audience! It was a nice evening. Thank you, Luke!

South American Guitarmusic: Venezuela

These days in Shanghai is the music fair. A lot of guitar companies from the whole world are here to sell their guitars and other music instruments.

But instead of going to the music fair, I want to introduce Antonio Lauro to you:

Antonio Lauro was born on the 3th of August 1917 in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezulenas. With the age of nine years his family moved to Caracas, where A.Lauro studied music. At that time he mostly played the piano and violin. But later Augustin Barrios Magnore recovered A. Lauro and persuaded him to study guitar. So he studied with Raoul Borges and was introduced in the typical classical guitar repertoire.

As a member of Trio Cantores et Tropico, where Lauro sang the Bass and played the guitar he composed a lot of Valses for that Trio. Later mostly Alirio Diaz, who also was a student of Borges was responsible for making the unrecognized but wonderful pieces wellknown to a bigger audience.

In 1951/52 the militaery junta imprisoned A.Lauro because of his belief in democracy. Shortly before his death in 1986 he received the Premio National de Música, his country’s highest artistic award. (For more information please look at!)

Here is the Vals Venezulano Nr.1:

and again on Tudou for my friends in China: