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Morning Improvisation with my Ipad

Thia morning I recognized that it is very easy to make recordings with the software garageband of my ipad.
I was so faszinated of that possibility, that I ve made a small improvisation with my guitar. Wish you all a nice day!

Morning Improvisation with my Ipad

Shanghai Impressions

recently I met a German man in the Internet, who loves the Chinese music and plays the Erhu, the Chinese violin. Because we want to know each other, I decide to show him one of my trials to reflex the modern Chinese Popmusic. In fact my pieces are not like “Chinese Popmusic”, but you can hear, that I am influenced from something ¬†you may feel as “Chinese”. And this piece has another advantage: the guitar part is so easy, that my students already can play it. Because I don`t have an orchestra I used the computer instruments for the orchestra part. And of course I hope to find people who are able to do this instead of my computer!

And here is: Shanghai Impression Nr.1