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The 11th Etudes of H.V.Lobos

more than videos i like to make sound files. The main reason is, that i think music is something to listen not to watch and the second reason is the fact that youtube is not available in China and all the other hosts offer very bad sound qualitiy.

As i still have a little space on my server i load up the Etudes number 11 from Villa Lobos. This piece is also one of my students pieces in Shanghai, who always wants me to perform their pieces. Sometimes that shows more than explanations.

Listen to my mp3`s is free, because of my philosophy: what you can give to the community, you should give. The internet is a big chance for more equal rights in learning and education. It is neccessary and good for everybody, if there is such a place with free information.

Heitor Villa Lobos: Etude Nr 11

Jose de Azpiazu:El Vito

El Vito MP3 elvito

As my Macintosh Computer is broken, this recording was made with a very small Lenovo Leptop and without any microfone. I made it for a chinese student, who want to learn some flamenco pieces, but for classical guitar. This small piece is very charactaristic for the andaluzia feeling. It has only four chords: A minor, D minor with the sixt, E major and F major with the great seven and the mixo 11. Oh, I forgot: in the second part is an B seventh accord as the double dominant funktion to the tonica A minor.


As the most popular pieces this piece has eight bar sentences which are divided in 4 plus 4. Very nice and typical: the repetitions of the sentences in another oktave.



F.Tarrega: Marieta

As I suddenly have to go Germany, I don`t have time to put all the current pieces of my students here. Just one, because I already have a recording. Here is the Marieta from Francisco Tarrega. Important: Don`t play the second part too slow (in comparison with the first part). See you!

Tarrega: Marieta.mp3

Leo Brower: Etudes simples Nr.5 und 6

The best to know something about Leo Brower is to google or directly move to Wikipedia: Leo Brower, where you can find a lot of  links to other websites about this composer. The Etudes simples are technical not too difficult, but its beautiful music, rich of colours and fantasy. The number five I ve already published on my “kein illegales Tagebuch” some weeks ago, the number six is a “dutypiece” of the sixth level`s artist examination for not professional students in Shanghai. So I publish it here for my chinese students. 

Leo Brower: Etudes simples Nr.5

Leo Brower: Etudes simples Nr.6