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Guitar Shanghai at the Conservatory of Music


Last weekend there was a Guitar Festival at the Conservatory of Music in Shanghai with Leonardo Bravo, Oliver Fartach-Naini, Lee Song-ou, Shingo Fujii, Shunsuke Matsuo, Achim-Peter Gropius and some others. There were not only a lot of concerts, but also a competition and some masterclasses, too.

And I feel honored that the organisator Prof. Ye Deng Min used the name of my association and blog for this festival. So Guitar Shanghai becomes more and more wellknown in Shanghai and China!

After the festival I ve met with Achim Gropius the German guitar maker. He repaired my Gnatek guitar some years ago and I like his guitars. We made some sightseeing together and I showed him the old part of Shanghai with the Yuan Garden. We finished our tour at the Grand Hyatt highrise in Pudong, in the Cafe at the 54th floor.

Recently there are so many guitar festivals and competitions in China and Asia! The next three festivals I know are in Changsha (Hunan Provinz China) from 19th till 22th of July and the Tarrega Malaysia International Guitar Competition from 7th till 10th of August. And then there will be the big Altamira Guitar Festival and competition in Shanghai from 22th till 26th of August. The concert of Eliot Fisk on 23th of August is already selled out….yep…


Hongkong International Guitarfestival with Competition


Next weekend (from the 20th till the 22th of September) the Hongkong Guitar Festival 2013 will take place. There are six concerts with international artists from Brazil,Spain,Slovakia, Italy, Thailand,Shanghai and Hong Kong. And there are five workshops and masterclasses and a competition in two categories.

for more information, please go to:!lessons/c1t44



The First Shanghai International Guitar Week


with: Fan Ye, Alberto Cuellar, Sergi Boadella, Gilbert Imperial, Cao Siyi, Julia Scheuffele, Lin Huanqi, Li Zhiqian, Michael Kern (Qian Yu), Shanghai RJ Big Band and Guitarshanghai!

Are the holidays too long for you? Hopefully not! But anyway: if you need some motivation for your guitar playing, you can join and listen to the concerts of the First Shanghai International Guitar Week.

Fan Ye, who is the founder of this event, just came back from his study abroad to offer such a nice idea to the Shanghai guitar lovers.

From the 12th till the 16th of August you have two guitar concerts a day. One is at the Shanghai Concert Hall (523 East Yan An Road) , beginn: 12.00 . And the other one is at the Chartes Dimanche Salon (246 West Fu Xing Road), beginn 20.00 . Alltogehter there are ten concerts with national and international guitarplayers.

Here you can download a pdf, with the full information about the artists and the programms: All musicians with both programm.pdf

Today! Guitar Concert in Heluting Concert Hall of the Shanghai Conservatory

Today, March 29th, at seven o`clock PM, some teachers of the Guitar Salon plus some other friends are giving a concert. The organizer is the Club of Shanghai Guitar Lovers, who sponsored this concert.

Unfortunately I am in Germany. Nevertheless please come and listen to them! So you can know some important Shanghai Guitarists and you can get an impression of the Shanghai guitar scene.

Hope you will enjoy the concert!

Barrueco in Shanghai on October 13th 2012!

Organized by Altamira Guitars Barrueco will give a concert at the Shanghai Oriental Art Center Concert Hall on October 13th 2012, 19.30 o`clock. Please don`t forget to order your ticket!

Concert during the Summer Holidays

This Friday, the 20th of July, the most popular Shanghai Guitarists will play Spanish Guitar Music in the Concert Hall (Xi Zang Road crossing Jingling Road).

If you are interested to know some Shanghai guitar players, please come and listen to:

Chen Hua Liang, Ren Lei, Chen Bing, He Shun Hua, She Chun Sheng, Zhao Rong, Jiang Da Min, Chun Cheng, Zhou Yi Qing and others…..


the Guitar Salon got a new poster at the entrance. Here a picture with the guitar teachers: Chen Bing, He Shun Hua and Julia

because of the summer holidays there will be a short break about two or three weeks before there are new activities in the Guitar Salon. See you then!

Xiang Yang Road 173

if you are walking through the Xiangyang Road near the Music Academy of Shanghai, you will find the number 173 as a restored old house from the French consession. Toward the street there are two shops selling clothes and between them there is a barely visible small path through the buildings which leads you inside a small yard. Here you can find the entrance of the new guitar studio from He Shun Hua. He Shun Hua is one of Shanghai`s best guitar players and also working as a guitar teacher. He also sells guitars and some weeks ago we start to work together as a guitar duett.

Here in his Studio at Xiang Yang Road 173 He Shun Hua will organize a lot of activities for guitar lovers like rehearsals, talk shows and different small concerts. The first of these activities took place last tuesday June 12th, where Chen Bing another famous Shanghai guitar player made a performance for invited people.

Chen Bing learned the classical guitar with the legendary Ma Zhe Min who is one the four teachers in Shanghai who developed the classical guitar at a time other people even didn`t know that instrument. After learning with Ma Zhe Min, Chen Bing became the first student for classical guitar at the Shanghai Music Academy where he studied several years with Ye De Min. Now he is working as a musician and teacher in Shanghai. I was one of the lucky people who listened his performance on June 12th. He played several pieces of Tarrega. One of them was the Carneval of Venice.

here you see Chenbing in the studio at Xiangyang Road

Playing Guitar in La Finca or the importance of making good backround music

From tomorrow Monday the 10th of Oktober till Saturday the 15th of Oktober every evening from 18.30 to 20.30 o`clock our guitarist Julia Scheuffele will play Spanish and Latinamerikan music for classical guitar in the Spanish restaurant la Finca in Shanghai, Xin Tian Di.

She will make the backround music for people who wants to eat in a high level enviroment. Good food needs good music, because the people who are coming to this place, mostly have a cultural backround and want to hear high level music during their dinner time.

I asked Julia why she agreed to play in a restaurant and she told me her philosophy:
It is very important which kind of music you have in your backround. Even if you eating and talking beside, the music will influence your mind and your feeling. Julia believes that her music can people make more peaceful and happy. So she decide to work as a backround musician.