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March, 2012:

Take Five for guitar: comparison: George Benson, Chet Atkins, Igor Presnyakov and Julia Scheuffele

George Benson: – the embed version is not available for the video….-

Jazzguitar plus Band (Drums, Sax, Keyboard, Bass)
George Benson played that piece in e minor and during his improvisation he played – as usual – the blues scale in e minor, but with all extensions. He played a lot of sequenced riffs as it is usual to practice scales. Amazing is the speed he can do that! But the ground speed in this interpretation is very slow. Much slower as the Dave Brubeck Quartett played.

Chet Atkins arrangement obviously is influenced by the version of George Benson (or is it the opposite?) . Anyway this both versions have a lot of common in colour, rhythm and speed. And the key of the Atkins Version is e minor like George Benson played. I show you the interpretation of Mr.Spencer`s Chet Atkins version.

And now to the Version of Giuseppe Torrisi: this version is a technical difficult version for classical guitar. Its very near the original version of Dave Brubeck in tempo, harmonisation and feeling, but for guitar transposed into a – minor. The original is in eb minor, which is a big difference. But most of you can not hear that. Because it is for classical solo guitar, all the notes which are normally played by the band, came into the guitar version, which makes that piece more difficult. Even the improvisation part, which is not inside the arrangement, has to keep the Bassline all the time. You can find this arrangement for free on

For my improvisation I ve got some inspiration from Igor Presnyakov, who played “Take Five” for Solo Guitar first and with his own arrangement.

the poor people, who are living in countries without youtube access can try to listen the version of George Benson and me on The version of Igor Presnyakov and Chet Atkins you can not find there, really pitty for you!