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January, 2012:

Jorge Morel: Echo of the Blues

the name of the piece promise something secret, smoky and may be melancholic. It is not a Blues, it is an Echo of a Blues. Such a phantastic idea!

And the name`s promiss will not dissapoint you. This colourful piece has the darkness of a blues. It is using the blues scale in e-minor (e – g – g sharp – a – b flat – b – d) most of the time. But in spite of that scale this piece sounds of something else, but not a blues. Only the scale in the almost last bar sounds like a blues scale. But “Echo of a Blues” remembers on a blues in different ways: you can find the melancholy of a turbulent love story. The turbulence comes from the different rhythm parts – many of these rhythm originally were found in the American and Southamerican dancemusic. But here they are transformed into something like “modern classical guitarmusic”. That remembers me on the music from Stravinsky, which also has a lot of jazz influences.
And on the other side – as a contrast – the harmonic Monotonousness. The Harmonic is like a jazz minor blues, but the form is open. So i think, it is useless to count the bars. Just enjoy the music!

for China:

Happy new year of the dragon!