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October, 2011:

South American Guitarmusic: Venezuela

These days in Shanghai is the music fair. A lot of guitar companies from the whole world are here to sell their guitars and other music instruments.

But instead of going to the music fair, I want to introduce Antonio Lauro to you:

Antonio Lauro was born on the 3th of August 1917 in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezulenas. With the age of nine years his family moved to Caracas, where A.Lauro studied music. At that time he mostly played the piano and violin. But later Augustin Barrios Magnore recovered A. Lauro and persuaded him to study guitar. So he studied with Raoul Borges and was introduced in the typical classical guitar repertoire.

As a member of Trio Cantores et Tropico, where Lauro sang the Bass and played the guitar he composed a lot of Valses for that Trio. Later mostly Alirio Diaz, who also was a student of Borges was responsible for making the unrecognized but wonderful pieces wellknown to a bigger audience.

In 1951/52 the militaery junta imprisoned A.Lauro because of his belief in democracy. Shortly before his death in 1986 he received the Premio National de Música, his country’s highest artistic award. (For more information please look at!)

Here is the Vals Venezulano Nr.1:

and again on Tudou for my friends in China:

Instead of Spanish: Music for an American kitchen: Dole Dyke`s Guitar 2000

This piece of Dole Dyke is a typical Fingerstyle guitar piece. You can play it on a western guitar or on an acoustic guitar.

There are at least three very important countries for the guitar music: Spain, Latin America and America.

I personally prefer the Latin American Music, but that doesn`t mean that I never want to play Fingerstyle or Blues. Every Style has his special beauty!

And here as a Tudou Video for those who have no access to Youtube:

the spanish week will change the time

because the chief cooker just left the restaurant, the spanish week with the guitar music of Julia will change the time: there is no spanish week from 10th to 15th of October in la Finca. The new time will be at the end of October or the beginning of November and announced as soon as possible.

Playing Guitar in La Finca or the importance of making good backround music

From tomorrow Monday the 10th of Oktober till Saturday the 15th of Oktober every evening from 18.30 to 20.30 o`clock our guitarist Julia Scheuffele will play Spanish and Latinamerikan music for classical guitar in the Spanish restaurant la Finca in Shanghai, Xin Tian Di.

She will make the backround music for people who wants to eat in a high level enviroment. Good food needs good music, because the people who are coming to this place, mostly have a cultural backround and want to hear high level music during their dinner time.

I asked Julia why she agreed to play in a restaurant and she told me her philosophy:
It is very important which kind of music you have in your backround. Even if you eating and talking beside, the music will influence your mind and your feeling. Julia believes that her music can people make more peaceful and happy. So she decide to work as a backround musician.