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May, 2011:

To Play The Guitar Is Like Making Poesie

To play the guitar is more than practice an instrument. To play the guitar means to express the life. To show your “life – feeling” what means to make poesie. But in my eyes that doesn`t mean that you  completely need to play “ad libitum”.

I ve uploaded two different pieces. One is from the third year level and the other one is a very famous piece from F.Tarrega. It is the eighth level of the Shanghai guitar art examination book . Both pieces are very beautiful and full of “feeling”. And both pieces  have a strong rhythm that you can dance, if you want. I tried to respect the dance and to keep the structure. So i didn`t make too much “ad libitum” – and i hope that i nevertheless played with “feeling” .

Originally I want to talk about how to practice these pieces. But I have a lot of privat students, so the time to play my guitar becomes very short. And so I decide just to upload the videos ( or and with the writing I am waiting for another time.

And here is Capricho Arabe of F.Tarrega:

The 11th Etudes of H.V.Lobos

more than videos i like to make sound files. The main reason is, that i think music is something to listen not to watch and the second reason is the fact that youtube is not available in China and all the other hosts offer very bad sound qualitiy.

As i still have a little space on my server i load up the Etudes number 11 from Villa Lobos. This piece is also one of my students pieces in Shanghai, who always wants me to perform their pieces. Sometimes that shows more than explanations.

Listen to my mp3`s is free, because of my philosophy: what you can give to the community, you should give. The internet is a big chance for more equal rights in learning and education. It is neccessary and good for everybody, if there is such a place with free information.

Heitor Villa Lobos: Etude Nr 11

Barrios World Wide Online Competition

This morning I received an email from Sofia Irala, who is the coordinator of the Barrios World Wide Online competition. This year the second edition of the competition will be hold to celebrate the guitar music of A.Barrios Magnore.

The participants have their videos for the first round to upload to youtube till July 31.

The pieces of the first round are the Estudio Concerto Nr.1 and Confession.

The semifinalists will be announced till August 15. Starting on this date they can begin to upload the third video with the Mazurka Appassionata. The jury will select three finalists, who can travel to Paraguay for the Final in December 3. On the final each participant has to play a 25 minutes concert with pieces of Barrios. This pieces must include Jha Che Valle.

Everybody between 18 and 30 years old can participate the competition. For more information please look at the website: Barrios World Wide

Most Important Of All: Phantasy!

Practicing with my students sometimes lets me be a little disapointed. What often happens: the younger children are learning with high motivation and big progress, but some years later if they starting with puberty, they lose their love to classical guitar and most pitty: they lose their phantasy.

May be it`s because they become too busy with school and with meeting their friends, may be it`s because they prefere to listen to the popular music of their classmates: they start to practice less and less. Only a few people are going on practicing with motivation and regularity.

The Chinese students are not better than the German and American students, but they are not as free educated and have to listen to their parents decision. So they have to continue and participate the annual examinations and sometimes participate competitions, but it is really difficult to help them, if there is not so much love for the music they have to play. They would like to play some pop songs, some finger picking style pieces, but because of their examinations they have to practice a lot of requested pieces and no time to play the music they really want to play.

To these students I would like to say: it doesn`t matter which kind of music, which piece you have to play! It only deepends on your own phantasy and imagination that every piece of music can sound very beautiful!

For example the little music from the third level of the annual guitar examination:

What a nice story! It remembers me on a Mazurka of Chopin, but it is a Mazurka of the famous guitarist J.Sagreras. This piece is often played too fast. It is very necessary to play not too fast but with expression! To get a feeling for that music you can listen to the piano Mazurkas of Frederic Chopin. Buy a CD from Horowitz oder Ashkenazy or another good pianist and listen to their interpretations of Chopin. Then you know a little more how to play your beautiful small piece from Sagreras..and you can also feel a little how to play Tarrega pieces.

Use your own phantasy and try to make your own interpretation. There are many possibilities to play that piece! Think about a story that music can tell and use that music to tell a story.

I put here one interpretation of Maria Luise. Make another one!

I am so sorry for the bad sound that tudou provides! It sounds much better on youtube!