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March, 2011:

The Guitar Shops of Jiang Da Min

If my students need a guitar, i am always going to Jingling Road 318. There is one of Jiang Da Mins Guitar Shops. He is the owner of around six shops in Shanghai, the shop in the Jingling Road is one of them. There you can find all kinds of guitars and most important for me: there are a lot of nylon string guitars in different sizes and levels. the shop 1

The cheapest one costs only 200.-RMB, but if you want to buy a better one, you can find them, too. The guitars that i suggest at the beginning for students costs around 1000 to 2000 RMB. These guitars have a nice clean sound and are comfortable to use. the shop 2

But of course: there are much more expensive and better guitars in this shop, too! And if you have any spezial wishes, don`t hesitate to ask for! Jiang Da Min mostly knows how to find, what you need.

Without the classical guitars he also sells western guitars, electric guitars and much more musical things like banjos, drums, guitarstrings and other accessoires.

I know Jiang Da Min since 1999 as I moved to Shanghai. He is not only the owner of different guitar shops, but also a good guitar player and teacher and a very good organisator. Most of the concerts and activities for guitar in Shanghai are organized with his help. Jiang Da Min

He also is the Co-editor and publisher of some guitar books and he is co – responsibel (with others!) for the art-level examinations for guitar which take place every year at the Shanghai music schools.