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January, 2011:

Manha de Carneval – different interpretations: Part 1

Manha de Carneval is an old lyric jazz tune, very famous because of the interpretations of Luiz Bonfa and Baden Powell. I didn`t find the interpretations of Luiz Bonfa and Baden Powell on the chinese youku, only youtube provides us with that beautiful, great music. :

But the Pop Version of Ulli Bogenhausen, played by Jung Song He, you can find everywhere, even in China on Youku.

And here is the arrangement of France Vedettes, Paris. This script is very clear, only the melody with the basic chords. I played that for a student, who is learning that version.

and for my friends in China:

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because of so many spam comments I deactivated the comment function today. I think after upgrading this blog, I can install a programm to fight the spam and then activate the comments function again.

So for the next few weeks no comments.

For these people, who really like my blog, they can follow this blog on facebook and post comments there. For my Chinese friends here I will create another possibility. May be Kaixin Wang or something else.

In the year 2010 I was not really active here. There happened so many private things, that it was too much for me to continue with regulary  articles. I hope it will become better this year.

Wish you an happy year of the rabbit!