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November, 2009:

Astor Piazolla as a birthday present

Recently I made a performance for a friend who celebrated her birthday in one of the most famous restaurants in Shanghai: M-on-the Bund. The party was in the afternoon, at the back space, so there were only the bithday guests who attended the room. One of them made a video of my performance.

And I think there is a good idea: if you have a friend who has birthday and you want to make a very spezial present for your friend, why don`t call me and order some life music with my guitar? You can pay a honorar and I have a lot of pieces, so you can choose a special one for your friend. My friend, who celebrated her birthday in M-on-the-Bund wants me to play Astor Piazolla and Astrurias. And this time it was my personal present for a friend I really like and my pleasure to play for free. So here is one of the videos:

because of the better sound quality I also give you the pieces as mp3 files:

1.: Astor Piazolla: Primavera Portena
2.: Isaac Albeniz: Asturias