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August, 2009:

important events

as a friend told me, there are two important guitar events this autumn in China. The first is a concert in Shanghai in the concert hall of the music conservatory with Zoran Dukic on September the 25th:

China 2009

J.S. Bach Ciaccona BWV 1004

M. Castelnuovo-Tedesco 4 caprichos from “Caprichos de Goya”

M. Llobet 4 catalan folk songs


Malcolm Arnold Fantasia
(1921) -prelude

V. Sojo Five venezuelan songs

A. Piazzolla Adios Noniño
(1921-1992) Otono Porteño

Dusan Bogdanovic Six Balkan Miniatures
(1955) -Morning Dance
-Macedonian Dance
-Wide Song
-Tiny-knit Dance

For more information in chinese language please go to

The second very attractive event is in Oktober in Hongkong. Alvaro Pierri will come to the “Joy of music” festival from october the 12th till 18th giving a concert and some masterclasses. For more information in english and chinese please go to :

The Guitarsymposium in Iserlohn

The whoole week is over and I didn`t have any time to read my emails or to write something in my blog. Now sitting in the train to my mothers home the days passes through my head. Every day was full with guitar. Every evening we listened excellent and outstanding guitarconcerts. It is difficult to decide which of the concerts was the best. The first one was on Saturday before the festival really started. Irina Kulikova, the winner of the International Guitar Competition in Iserlohn 2008 made a wunderful performance followed by the Romero brothers on Sunday. On Monday Alvaro Pieri from Uruguay played a phantastic concert. For me he is the most special and outstanding guitar artist I know. From Tuesday there were mostly three concerts every evening, so we came back to our guesthouse always very late, but that doesn`t mean that we didn`t make any parties at night…..


During the daytime we could participate the masterclasses or compare guitars from different guitar builders. There were also a sheetmusic exhibition were I bought a lot of music. The most famous names of the teachers  who were teaching the masrterclasses: Eli and Ann Kassner, Gerald Garcia, Oscar Ghiglia, Alvaro Pierri, Tom Johnson, Roman Viazovskiy, Danielle Cumming, Hans-Werner Huppertz, Dale Kavanagh, Los Romeros, Ulrich Stracke, Andrew Zohn, Laura Yong, Irina Kulikova and last but not least the Baltic Quartett and more very good players I didn`t remember the names …..


The composer Gerald Garcia made a beautifull piece special for the festival essemble. The performance of that piece were on Saturday evening and a full success.

Beside participating the activities we enjoyed delicious food and could socialise with the other guitarplayers who came from more than 48 countries over the whole world . Thanks for Thomas Kirchhoff  the organisator of that symposium for his great job!


Jose de Azpiazu:El Vito

El Vito MP3 elvito

As my Macintosh Computer is broken, this recording was made with a very small Lenovo Leptop and without any microfone. I made it for a chinese student, who want to learn some flamenco pieces, but for classical guitar. This small piece is very charactaristic for the andaluzia feeling. It has only four chords: A minor, D minor with the sixt, E major and F major with the great seven and the mixo 11. Oh, I forgot: in the second part is an B seventh accord as the double dominant funktion to the tonica A minor.


As the most popular pieces this piece has eight bar sentences which are divided in 4 plus 4. Very nice and typical: the repetitions of the sentences in another oktave.