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February, 2009:

H.V.Lobos: Etude Nr.3

H.V.Lobos: Etude Nr.3

This piece is not only a very good technical exercise, but on the other side it is great music and it makes a lot of fun to practise that piece. As I recorded this exercise I paid more attention to the music as to the technique and I think I did right so. The musical expression is most important even if you practise technical exercises….

Roland Dyens: LB Story

The LB Story is a seldom played but very beautyful piece of Roland Dyens. And the second part is virtuos with a lot of tapings inside. I ve recorded it for you. The name LB Story means Leo Bower Story on the one side, and on the other side it also means Leo Bernstein Story. So at the end of the second part you will meet a motiv of the west side story..

For the people, who can not use Youtube, I uploaded the video again to Youku, the Chinese Version of Youtube