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December, 2008:

unbelivable viruosity

There was no japanese guitarplayer on the Shanghai Conservatory, but a chinese student of Ye De Min (- Ye De Min is the guitar teacher of the conservatory -) made a very good performance. He played a lot of modern pieces and also some Bach and showed an unbelivable virtuosity. But he was not only virtuos, he played with feeling and musicality, too. It seems, that nothing is impossible for that young man! He will participate the international guitar competition in Tokio soon and I think he has a good chance to get a price. The name of that coming guitar king is Wu Long, you should remember, because I am sure you will hear his name again!

Another good student ( Lin Yue Qi)played some Dowland and the Mozart Variations (F.Sor op.9). He is a very musical player, too. So, the niveau of classical guitar in Shanghai is growing up very fast and to a very high level. As I came to Shanghai ten years ago, these young players were just starting with the first lections! I am really impressed and also very happy to see such a developement.

Guitar Concert in the Shanghai Conservatory

please notice, that today evening, seven o`clock at the Shanghai Conservatory there will be a concert from a japanese guitar player named Wu Long. Whether the name is correct I am not so sure, but I have heard, that this guy is a great player. So, I will go and listen to his music. And if you have time you can go, too!