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September, 2008:

Hangzhou Guitarfestival with competition

From the 3th  of October till the 8th of October the  sixth Asian Guitarcompetition will be held in Hangzhou. The first round is on the 4th of October, one day later there will be the second round and the final. After that competition there are masterclasses with Yang Xue Fei, Denis Azabagic and  Zoran Dukic . The masterclasses are on the 6th of October.

On the 7th and 8th there will be a lot of concerts during the whole days. 

The prices of the tickets are as following:

Guesthouse: 200 RMB/each day

Concert: with foreign performers: 180 RMB/each concert, with Chinese performers: 120 and 100 RMB/each concert. 

For every masterclass you have to pay 50 RMB or 120RMB if you participate on every activity.


For more information you can call the guitarshop of Jiangdamin (13701705039) or Peter :13806000569 (for English

“The Romeros” in Shanghai

On Friday evening I made me up the long way in windy and rainy weather to the Shanghai Music Hall to listen to the concert of Pepe Romero and his family. The Concert Hall was completely selled out – already three weeks ago! – and so I was really happy that a friend gives me a very expensive ticket. But I couldn`t find my seat – because my seat was already seated by other people. So I just sat down on a free place and listened to the performance. The first piece (Ruperto Chapi y Lorento: Preludio from La Revoltosa) was still a little bit stiff and the guitars were out of tune, but after Celino played the Suite Espanola from Sanz the Romeros becomes more and more lifeful and at the end of the concert as the Romero family played the more popular Spanish songs, the audience were really happy and excited. It is a fact, that most of the people – not only in China – love the simple, more popular music more, than the artistic, high level music. But I am happy that the Romeros not only played these popular pieces, but a lot of other very interesting music from different composers, like: Sanz, Tonadilla, Luigi Boccherini, Torroba, Heitor Villa Lobos, and more. 

Heike Matthiesen

As I left the train at Frankfurt Airport to go back to Shanghai I met Heike Matthiesen who helped me to check in with my guitar. We ve never seen before, but we had a very nice time together at the airport and in an airport café where we decide to eat two “Pirate teller”. Heike Matthiesen has the talent and the courage to work as a concert guitarist, what is more difficult as to make a compromise with some of the music schools. No security and always practice to your best form! I really admire that.

She was born in Braunschweig and started early with her musical career learning the piano, but only when she was 18 years old she discovered the guitar. Straight on she introduced herself to Heinz Teuchert and one year later she becomes a student at the Frankfurter Music Academy. But her most important teacher becomes Pepe Romero, who teached her in his Master classes several years. Additional she took Master classes with Manuel Barrueco, David Russel, Roland Dyens, Alvaro Pierri, Leo Brower and others.

Beside her solo career she always likes to play chamber music. Since 1997 she has an alliance with the Villa Musica Mainz. She made performances with the Romero brothers and 2005 she recorded a CD with the Spanish Art Guitar Quartet (“Bolero”, NCA).

Heike Matthiesen made concerts in a lot of countries as they are: USA, Japan, China, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Island, Austria, Denmark and Bulgaria and she is always welcomed with her performances on different guitar festivals.

Her recordings are published by Tyrolis: “Sol y Luna” with Spanish and South American repertoire and “Tristmusette” with music of Roland Dyens. This special recording got a very good international recommendation.

Her next recording will published in 2009. It was a pity that we didn’t know each other as she made her China tourney last year. She played in different cities
and of course she played in Shanghai, too!

But you can find some videos from her at youtube. I made a link for you to her performance of Roland Dyens “Tango en Sky”.

Modern Guitar Players

Everybody knows names like David Russell or Pepe Romero, but there are a lot of other good guitarists, who are not as well known but worth to know!

So I decide to introduce some guitar players to you. I will do this occasionally from time to time and I will start with a portrait of a female German Guitar player.

Pepe Romero is coming to Shanghai

the tickets are already sold out since around two weeks, but Pepe Romero will only play one time at the 12th of September in the Music Concert Hall. I have tried to get some tickets, but I only got one and this is because of connections. I am sorry for all my students, who really would like to listen that concert, but don`t have tickets!